Sunday, April 17, 2016

Newborn Ruby

This little beauty is my newest niece! She and her big sister Abby are only 15 months apart, and they are both as darling as they come. It was so fun to be able to get acquainted with Ruby while taking her pictures.

By the way, her talented mom made the amazing blanket and hat!

 photo IMG_9048 edit_zps40yepskc.jpg  photo IMG_9045 edit crop_zpsxiuhdaoe.jpg  photo IMG_9041 edit_zpsuhqwkqpp.jpg  photo IMG_9062 edit_zpsffh5uw0h.jpg  photo IMG_9048 edit crop BW_zpsxhisubix.jpg  photo IMG_9043 edit_zpsnbudussk.jpg  photo IMG_9058 edit_zpspc6k48uc.jpg  photo IMG_9074 edit crop_zpsjyyzbuyu.jpg  photo IMG_9057 edit_zps0zypvyex.jpg  photo IMG_9069 edit_zpsdidcwejs.jpg  photo IMG_9066 edit_zpsclj9hywn.jpg  photo IMG_9086 edit crop_zps4uwtgs3n.jpg  photo IMG_9080 edit_zpswgwf3ixe.jpg  photo IMG_9088 edit_zpspcn0gndw.jpg  photo IMG_9097 edit_zpsowds1smc.jpg  photo IMG_9099 edit_zpszz38vg4d.jpg  photo IMG_9100 edit_zpsitropzba.jpg  photo IMG_9106 edit crop_zpsyie8oj5m.jpg

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