Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lyla Newborns~

This little one is just so precious.
 photo IMG_1200edit_zpsa4bf6159.jpg  photo IMG_1188edit_zpsab3547cf.jpg  photo IMG_1194edit_zps2e462c21.jpg  photo IMG_1211edit_zps6249884a.jpg  photo IMG_1196editcrop_zpse3e9533e.jpg  photo IMG_1161edit_zps2309d63a.jpg  photo IMG_1204edit_zpsb8e4c67e.jpg  photo IMG_1170editBW_zps68dd1ba0.jpg  photo IMG_1211editcrop_zps7b1c3722.jpg  photo IMG_1175edit_zps8ef42f92.jpg  photo IMG_1145edit_zps877b9bea.jpg  photo IMG_1189edit_zps8dcc616b.jpg  photo IMG_1215editBW_zps484ec505.jpg  photo IMG_1225edit_zps2fc3c0dd.jpg

Korbin & Hesston

These boys are just so cute!
 photo IMG_1032editcrop_zps62f3d158.jpg  photo IMG_1100editcrop_zps276f2c94.jpg  photo IMG_1037edit_zpsced2d3a8.jpg  photo IMG_1079editcrop_zpseaa07e10.jpg  photo IMG_1061edit_zps185e9cdc.jpg  photo IMG_1081editcrop_zps2d393047.jpg
Korbin did not want his skin to touch the grass :) photo IMG_1091edit_zps37db0ec4.jpg  photo IMG_1120edit_zpsff1e9f8a.jpg  photo IMG_1135edit_zps3460d286.jpg

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Brother's Family!

Finally I am getting these on here!! Sorry it took so long! These guys have some great memories to go along with these pictures....somehow the kiddos came in contact with some poisonous plant while taking thise...Yikes! All is well now and we can laugh about it now, right?  Haha...I hope.

 photo IMG_0516editcrop_zps4f16c831.jpg  photo IMG_0601edit_zpsb5dafff1.jpg  photo IMG_0611edit_zpsf3987f2c.jpg  photo IMG_0623editcrop_zps4078469e.jpg  photo IMG_0524editcrop_zpsfdcb5c2e.jpg  photo IMG_0578editcrop_zps73aecbd7.jpg  photo IMG_0493editcrop_zpsdee20318.jpg  photo IMG_0502editBWcrop_zpsaba37606.jpg  photo IMG_0513edit_zps7cca4535.jpg  photo IMG_0523editcropBW_zps7d562478.jpg  photo IMG_0595edit_zpsdc18b70c.jpg  photo IMG_0538edit_zpsc02b793e.jpg  photo IMG_0542edit_zps6faee2cd.jpg  photo IMG_0558edit_zpse3c02cc1.jpg  photo IMG_0605editcrop_zps8fb89933.jpg  photo IMG_0580edit_zps13b02929.jpg  photo IMG_0591edit_zps9186c4a2.jpg  photo IMG_0604edit_zpse7b93100.jpg  photo IMG_0633edit_zps90ee2648.jpg  photo IMG_0646edit_zps9d7a74a0.jpg  photo IMG_0653edit_zpsc03be3e1.jpg  photo IMG_0658edit_zps6e3f3fe8.jpg

Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's been so long!

It has been a whole year since I've taken newborn photos! Really? It is nice to edit something a little different. Isn't this little girl just beautiful? Here is just one from our session today. I will eventually finish the rest and put more on here. But until then, I've got a lot of catching up to do...

 photo IMG_1203editBLOG_zps77adbad5.jpg

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Andrew & Karisa

This is my beautiful cousin (in-law) Karisa, and her new husband, Andrew. They are both the nicest people you could ever meet! I wish them all the best.

*And no, this does not mean I do weddings now.
 photo IMG_0700_zps1dbed66b.jpg  photo IMG_0873crop_zps2f513869.jpg  photo IMG_0877_zps79cd66a6.jpg  photo IMG_0880cropBW_zps5b2b0940.jpg  photo IMG_0716_zps4d9eb333.jpg  photo IMG_0723_zps500885d3.jpg  photo IMG_0748crop_zps5258321b.jpg  photo IMG_0781crop_zpsa4b130ee.jpg  photo IMG_0787_zps38d8f215.jpg  photo IMG_0792_zps0a8b2095.jpg  photo IMG_0793_zps61be6f29.jpg  photo IMG_0799crop_zps6c5f771c.jpg  photo IMG_0808_zps4bf364f5.jpg  photo IMG_0818_zps1f589b28.jpg  photo IMG_0825_zpsc6494583.jpg  photo IMG_0829_zps2253f8f8.jpg  photo IMG_0862crop_zps01a1979a.jpg  photo IMG_0872_zps2cebee08.jpg  photo IMG_0901_zpsbb0cca44.jpg  photo IMG_0912_zps791eadbd.jpg  photo IMG_0917_zps5a04d805.jpg  photo IMG_0938_zps1f004e20.jpg  photo IMG_0948_zps993fed86.jpg  photo IMG_0949crop_zps0c8250b6.jpg  photo IMG_0954crop_zpsf9465896.jpg  photo IMG_0955_zpse640e80c.jpg  photo IMG_0964crop_zps034b274d.jpg  photo IMG_0966_zpsa7bfed58.jpg  photo IMG_0969_zps95f064f3.jpg  photo IMG_0970_zps40f8690b.jpg  photo IMG_0974_zps1c3031c8.jpg  photo IMG_0975_zps06cda29b.jpg