Sunday, August 26, 2012

Coy: Two Years~

I would rate Coy up there as one of the most naughty two-year-olds I have ever photographed. Don't let the "good photos" fool you. It took us almost two hours and a lot of acting extremely ridiculous, and a lot of chasing and replacing to get what we got. But in the end, they really show off just who he is. He is such a little nut and we wouldn't trade him for anything!

Here they are:

This kid is IN LOVE with books. I thought it would be fun to include some old books in his picture. I thought they would help him hold still.maybe...they didn't really.

Oh, I guess he held still for a second with the books...right in between clothing changes. I didn't really want pictures of him just in the green pants, but oh well. You get what you get with the little ones sometimes.

This is him blowing kisses...

We got a lot of pictures like this. He wanted to put the hat on his own way, and DID NOT want us to put it on for him.

Rewind to Mylie's Two Year Old pics. They took a total of about 7 minutes, she was fabulous, posed perfectly, and I had lots of great pictures. Two and a half years later, she still loves to pose and is so easy to photograph. She wanted a quick pic in the hat. One shot and perfect. Too bad her hair wasn't combed and she was still in her dance t-shirt...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Isaac & Little Cowkids

Too stinkin' cute!