Friday, July 8, 2016

Mylee Baptism Photos

Wow this girl is all grown up! Been taking her pictures since she was a baby. Now she is a BEAUTIFUL little lady!!

 photo IMG_9680 edit crop_zpszg1wyg89.jpg  photo IMG_9687 edit_zpssaaawhte.jpg  photo IMG_9706 edit_zpsnadyz3gt.jpg  photo IMG_9707 edit crop_zpsw8zxklfq.jpg  photo IMG_9709 edit crop_zpsxszguuy7.jpg  photo IMG_9711 edit EMAIL_zpsgznsepr6.jpg  photo IMG_9714 edit_zpsb2s9krxm.jpg  photo IMG_9724 edit_zpsi3ecivb5.jpg  photo IMG_9727 edit_zpsgmzpiwqd.jpg  photo IMG_9737 edit vertical crop_zpsg2hpbldq.jpg  photo IMG_9751 edit_zpsiw5uix8h.jpg  photo IMG_9759 edit crop_zps3a57catg.jpg

Sunday, April 24, 2016

My Kids

 photo IMG_8151 edit_zpsga1f2ewb.jpg  photo IMG_8097 edit for print_zpsv3dhuvyq.jpg  photo IMG_8171 edit crop_zpsuklp3vpv.jpg  photo IMG_8202 edit crop_zpsvwrcfyu5.jpg  photo IMG_8159 edit_zpsultf9gh4.jpg  photo IMG_8106 edit_zpsicbi4amj.jpg  photo IMG_8166 edit_zpsfcghhgmi.jpg  photo IMG_8211 edit_zpsedgiycn4.jpg  photo IMG_8110 edit_zpshai7nspm.jpg  photo IMG_8131 edit_zps4q1xouwa.jpg  photo IMG_8181 edit_zpsvlr9jpmm.jpg  photo IMG_8224 edit crop_zpshpta9a3k.jpg  photo IMG_8085 edit crop_zps9qcrebjr.jpg  photo IMG_8058 edit_zpshuryauha.jpg  photo IMG_8183 edit crop_zpsltxnnta5.jpg  photo IMG_8235_zpswgtp8fvi.jpg  photo IMG_8241_zpszqjuct0a.jpg

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rebekah Rose~Senior!

This beautiful Senior is my niece! She is beautiful inside and out. I can't believe she is already graduating!! Doesn't she have the most beautiful blue eyes? I think they are her mama's blue eyes :)

 photo IMG_9474 edit crop_zpsura80sti.jpg  photo IMG_9427 edit_zpskvat6vff.jpg  photo IMG_9480 edit_zpsre2v8z5t.jpg  photo IMG_9402 edit crop_zps67vwdzw1.jpg  photo IMG_9409 edit crop BW_zpsa0jmxmfa.jpg  photo IMG_9433 edit_zpsptpw1k4u.jpg  photo IMG_9424 edit crop_zpsj3cwn8ss.jpg  photo IMG_9483 edit_zps5asz8t1k.jpg  photo IMG_9456 edit_zpsmitkg2zk.jpg  photo IMG_9407 edit crop_zpsyjq7d3c4.jpg  photo IMG_9438 edit_zpsfox12fqj.jpg  photo IMG_9460 edit_zpsauptioja.jpg  photo IMG_9476 edit_zpspgoj3fcy.jpg  photo IMG_9493 edit_zpsj3bnjabp.jpg  photo IMG_9501 edit_zps5o0eoybg.jpg

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Newborn Ruby

This little beauty is my newest niece! She and her big sister Abby are only 15 months apart, and they are both as darling as they come. It was so fun to be able to get acquainted with Ruby while taking her pictures.

By the way, her talented mom made the amazing blanket and hat!

 photo IMG_9048 edit_zps40yepskc.jpg  photo IMG_9045 edit crop_zpsxiuhdaoe.jpg  photo IMG_9041 edit_zpsuhqwkqpp.jpg  photo IMG_9062 edit_zpsffh5uw0h.jpg  photo IMG_9048 edit crop BW_zpsxhisubix.jpg  photo IMG_9043 edit_zpsnbudussk.jpg  photo IMG_9058 edit_zpspc6k48uc.jpg  photo IMG_9074 edit crop_zpsjyyzbuyu.jpg  photo IMG_9057 edit_zps0zypvyex.jpg  photo IMG_9069 edit_zpsdidcwejs.jpg  photo IMG_9066 edit_zpsclj9hywn.jpg  photo IMG_9086 edit crop_zps4uwtgs3n.jpg  photo IMG_9080 edit_zpswgwf3ixe.jpg  photo IMG_9088 edit_zpspcn0gndw.jpg  photo IMG_9097 edit_zpsowds1smc.jpg  photo IMG_9099 edit_zpszz38vg4d.jpg  photo IMG_9100 edit_zpsitropzba.jpg  photo IMG_9106 edit crop_zpsyie8oj5m.jpg