Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Coy and Bennett

I was a little late on taking three year old pictures of Coy, so I took his pictures and Bennett's 8-year old pictures at the same time. I thought it would be a great opportunity to take some brother pictures as well. I love how well these pictures show their great relationship.
 photo IMG_3034edit2_zpsdfa2db27.jpg  photo IMG_3059edit_zps91dd8990.jpg  photo IMG_3057edit_zpsf426943d.jpg  photo IMG_3049edit_zpsd8e9ec26.jpg  photo IMG_3019edit2_zps658585ce.jpg  photo IMG_3022edit_zps1eb2c0e1.jpg  photo IMG_3064editcrop_zpsda28daa4.jpg  photo IMG_3020edit_zpsb59ec62c.jpg  photo IMG_3048editBW_zps130bdc99.jpg  photo IMG_3029edit_zps28e26be1.jpg  photo IMG_3033edit_zpsc660ddb5.jpg  photo IMG_3045edit_zps89955d24.jpg  photo IMG_3050editBW_zpsd3ecdee3.jpg  photo IMG_3051edit_zpsbcc662c8.jpg  photo IMG_3077edit_zps542c90ee.jpg  photo IMG_3080edit_zpsb8a546ce.jpg  photo IMG_3083editcrop_zps9f1f9f9d.jpg
Coy had this lovely scratch on on his head that took forever to get better. I obviously edited it out of all the other pictures. But decided I'd better keep it on at least one for memory's sake. He tripped in the garage and scraped his head on the corner of the license plate on the car. Ouch!
 photo IMG_3084edit_zps5158327c.jpg  photo IMG_3087edit_zps4c7f1147.jpg  photo IMG_3089edit_zps17177b5b.jpg  photo IMG_3091editcrop_zpsd317862c.jpg  photo IMG_3095editcrop_zpsd5f0543b.jpg  photo IMG_3105edit_zps2bbcf243.jpg
Of course Mylie tagged along. She really wanted me to take her picture, too. I humored her for a couple. I just love her freckles :)
 photo IMG_3119edit_zps368f5abd.jpg  photo IMG_3120_zps3b9c3a69.jpg

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bennett's Baptism Photos

I can't believe my little boy is eight years old and baptized! I took these pictures for his baptism invitation back on October 8th. He really is growing up so fast and is such a great boy. We sure love having him as our oldest child. I just hope this growing up business will slow down a little bit, but sadly, I am told it doesn't...

This first picture is my very favorite. I could stare at that sweet smile all day :)

 photo IMG_3141edit3_zps93c26473.jpg  photo IMG_3171edit_zpsee6867e6.jpg  photo IMG_3169edit_zpsa47f6283.jpg  photo IMG_3150editcrop_zps7644b75c.jpg  photo IMG_3166editcrop_zps4768fc1d.jpg  photo IMG_3137edit_zps1de4b53a.jpg  photo IMG_3131edit_zps0f38c41a.jpg

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Baby Savannah

Wow, this little girl was so good for her pictures. Two months old and so alert and smiley!
 photo IMG_3397edit_zpsc4069f3c.jpg  photo IMG_3406editcropBW_zps4e4d6797.jpg  photo IMG_3417edit_zpsbb7a74b3.jpg  photo IMG_3409edit_zps86cb1acb.jpg  photo IMG_3436edit_zpsb771c6a5.jpg  photo IMG_3425editcrop_zps66466552.jpg