Thursday, May 11, 2017

Logan is One!

This cute boy just turned one! He was so good for his pictures:

 photo IMG_1476 edit_zps9cbxwooc.jpg  photo IMG_1431 edit crop_zpsssjdt4s4.jpg  photo IMG_1428 edit_zpszmfgbyol.jpg  photo IMG_1489 edit crop_zpsqselnm6h.jpg  photo IMG_1463 edit crop_zpsusz1hi5z.jpg  photo IMG_1475 edit_zpss37ht1zw.jpg  photo IMG_1441 edit_zps7w0wahvz.jpg  photo IMG_1500 edit_zpsy8xllceg.jpg  photo IMG_1511 edit crop_zpsmjnsnt5l.jpg  photo IMG_1518 edit_zpswojaw9at.jpg  photo IMG_1531 edit_zpsmfylhk8l.jpg

Saturday, May 6, 2017


So happy to be able to see my good friend Kristin again and meet her beautiful new addition!

 photo IMG_1401 edit_zpsnfctarx9.jpg  photo IMG_1397 edit_zpsjlhcavqo.jpg  photo IMG_1332 edit_zpsbjlpkz76.jpg  photo IMG_1339 edit_zps8psqixqx.jpg  photo IMG_1354 edit_zpskkn6vklo.jpg  photo IMG_1370 edit BW_zpsijxzmfy5.jpg  photo IMG_1376 edit_zpsny06mufa.jpg  photo IMG_1358 edit_zps7wrqbqm4.jpg  photo IMG_1408 edit_zpspswmbzy8.jpg  photo IMG_1390 edit_zpse1susvwk.jpg  photo IMG_1401 edit crop_zps6ilvkyfj.jpg  photo IMG_1348 edit_zpsquylghac.jpg  photo IMG_1367 edit crop_zpscfnidwxs.jpg  photo IMG_1343 edit for EMAIL_zpsc0fa4ifs.jpg  photo IMG_1325 edit square_zpsxdbbcxrw.jpg  photo IMG_1323 edit crop BW_zps0xhhqrlk.jpg  photo IMG_1373 edit_zpstkffzema.jpg  photo IMG_1412 edit crop_zpspilvywl4.jpg