Friday, November 28, 2014

Makes me Smile :)

Often times while I am editing photos, I realize I am grinning while I am doing it. The love, laughter, beauty, and joy that I try to capture is contagious! This was one of those sessions that I found myself smiling a lot. See for yourself. This family is so warm and the little ones were so fun and funny! There were also a few surprises; like this first photo, I didn't realize I was getting a tongue stuck out at me! Made me laugh :)
 photo IMG_6733edit_zps520ab394.jpg  photo IMG_6746editcrop_zps1ac1ed4e.jpg  photo IMG_6763edit_zps651ad5cc.jpg  photo IMG_6777edit_zps80ad7cf1.jpg  photo IMG_6781edit_zpscbc78726.jpg  photo IMG_6695edit_zpsab5a2d44.jpg  photo IMG_6713edit_zpse69bf35d.jpg  photo IMG_6759editcrop_zps4135e60a.jpg  photo IMG_6768edit_zps68286f09.jpg  photo IMG_6784edit_zps6d4d87c5.jpg  photo IMG_6753edit_zpsa84dbbc3.jpg  photo IMG_6691edit_zpsa2b5b7c3.jpg  photo IMG_6710edit_zps3e24d699.jpg  photo IMG_6694edit_zps31d72a52.jpg  photo IMG_6787edit_zpsce16a6bc.jpg  photo IMG_6707edit_zpsa7b5d0d0.jpg  photo IMG_6719edit_zps34e522c2.jpg  photo IMG_6798edit_zps5bf2f394.jpg  photo IMG_6724edit_zpsa6da365b.jpg  photo IMG_6727edit_zps94a9e763.jpg  photo IMG_6756editcrop_zpsb3f37f2c.jpg  photo IMG_6775edit_zpsf1a99f19.jpg  photo IMG_6789edit_zpsdd70f153.jpg  photo IMG_6801edit_zps1dc1cbff.jpg  photo IMG_6810edit_zps9f9da280.jpg  photo IMG_6812edit_zps5ef9ee26.jpg  photo IMG_6822edit_zpscfd61670.jpg

Friday, November 7, 2014

Nora (from a while ago)

Here are some pictures of Nora when she was 5 1/2 months old, that I took 5 1/2 months ago. She is currently 11 months old, and someday I may catch up on my blogs...
 photo IMG_5211editcrop_zps6e7d9944.jpg  photo IMG_5145edit_zps76b38088.jpg  photo IMG_5187editcrop_zps66737d5b.jpg  photo IMG_5145editcrop_zps02e2d302.jpg  photo IMG_5174editcrop_zps14baeb16.jpg  photo IMG_5158editcrop_zps0bcdc6d5.jpg  photo IMG_5158edit_zps11951812.jpg  photo IMG_5183edit_zps19c99fc0.jpg  photo IMG_5220edit_zpsa9876c30.jpg

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sadies Dance Pics~

Here was something new for me. My cute niece asked me to take dance pics for her group. Wow, it made me feel a little old and old fashioned. Back when I went to dances....don't even get me started. Digital photography? What was that? And skinny jeans...those didn't even exist. It was all flare and/or baggy (loose?) for us! Ha, ha! So Bekah, (and friends), here is a little sneak peek for you until I can get your CDs to you! Thanks for including me in your night. It was fun to be a part of it :)

 photo IMG_6372edit_zpsa84e944c.jpg  photo IMG_6367edit_zps159e0f5e.jpg  photo IMG_6376editcrop_zps7fa76d70.jpg  photo IMG_6384editcrop_zps0b4ea411.jpg  photo IMG_6391edit_zps00dea406.jpg  photo IMG_6392edit_zpsd9533d39.jpg  photo IMG_6403edit_zpsa8c57a62.jpg  photo IMG_6411edit_zps4b35beda.jpg  photo IMG_6417edit_zpsfbb6142f.jpg  photo IMG_6426edit_zps37224620.jpg  photo IMG_6430edit_zpseedd23e1.jpg  photo IMG_6436edit_zpsef97ed17.jpg

Monday, October 20, 2014

H Family~Beautiful inside and out!

I had such a great time photographing this family...some of the nicest people you could ever meet! I just love all of them :)

 photo IMG_6281edit_zpsc1d8ba6b.jpg  photo IMG_6271editcrop_zpsc600f24e.jpg  photo IMG_6307editcrop_zps2fdfbccc.jpg  photo IMG_6320editcrop_zps3c293106.jpg  photo IMG_6263edit_zps2ec6f6c3.jpg  photo IMG_6256edit_zps054d9e49.jpg  photo IMG_6252edit_zps991d77a4.jpg  photo IMG_6228edit_zpsbb002655.jpg  photo IMG_6296editcrop_zpsab042db6.jpg  photo IMG_6232edit_zps7b68732d.jpg  photo IMG_6330editcrop_zps08828f86.jpg  photo IMG_6247edit_zpsdeabebe0.jpg  photo IMG_6245edit_zps47cb3b2f.jpg  photo IMG_6277edit_zps48e2c20a.jpg  photo IMG_6260edit_zps6eb16142.jpg  photo IMG_6304edit_zpsf016d7de.jpg  photo IMG_6261edit_zps55f92a03.jpg  photo IMG_6266editcrop_zps80aaa2f9.jpg  photo IMG_6313editcrop_zpsac76afa1.jpg  photo IMG_6267edit_zpsb1bd3432.jpg  photo IMG_6274edit_zps8c4e3810.jpg  photo IMG_6290edit_zpsbe31ed65.jpg  photo IMG_6297edit_zpsc800875d.jpg  photo IMG_6300editcrop_zpse5198caf.jpg  photo IMG_6326edit_zpsfd699f7c.jpg  photo IMG_6332edit_zps4502b992.jpg  photo IMG_6356editcrop_zpsea4357fc.jpg