Thursday, October 24, 2013

B Family~

It was good to see this family again! They recently moved from our neighborhood and I miss these cute boys in primary! They truly are such good boys.
 photo IMG_3246editcrop_zpsddf1c4b6.jpg  photo IMG_3231editcrop_zpse971a32d.jpg  photo IMG_3275edit_zps9368421e.jpg  photo IMG_3291editBW_zpsee752d9c.jpg  photo IMG_3249edit_zps5066fe2b.jpg  photo IMG_3331editcrop_zps1ba6526f.jpg  photo IMG_3288edit_zps5ba5c469.jpg  photo IMG_3310editcrop_zps5e4e8642.jpg  photo IMG_3223editcrop_zps13352da3.jpg  photo IMG_3268edit_zps0f51b148.jpg  photo IMG_3304editcrop_zpsb5d651e6.jpg  photo IMG_3232edit_zps63580c3f.jpg  photo IMG_3314edit_zps4114193b.jpg  photo IMG_3337edit_zpsec237b50.jpg  photo IMG_3339editsquarecrop_zps87bd6000.jpg

Friday, October 18, 2013

R Family

Another darling little family. These kids are just too cute!

 photo IMG_2989edit_zps5180b377.jpg  photo IMG_2974editcrop_zps6b21d0cc.jpg  photo IMG_2923edit_zps67ee3ec8.jpg  photo IMG_2918edit_zps7b33d8e4.jpg  photo IMG_2988editcropBW_zps83b0f955.jpg  photo IMG_2965edit_zps6d202f46.jpg  photo IMG_2960edit_zpsc5887dc2.jpg  photo IMG_2935edit_zpsbb47d2d5.jpg

Monday, October 7, 2013


Dominic was such a smart little two year old! (His best smiles were when he was counting or saying his ABCs.) And he sure loves Mickey Mouse! Too bad he wouldn't let us take pictures of him in his Mickey Mouse costume. He wasn't loving getting his picture taken very much, but we still got some cute shots!
 photo IMG_2858editcrop_zpsb5263174.jpg  photo IMG_2865editcropBW_zps3376c613.jpg  photo IMG_2866editcrop_zps12c97b50.jpg  photo IMG_2868editcrop_zps38262aae.jpg  photo IMG_2885editcrop_zps170a7d88.jpg  photo IMG_2903editcropBW_zps3b12878c.jpg