Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sylvie is One!

It's been so fun to watch Sylvie grow! I took her newborn pics, then her 6 month pics, and now she is ONE! I can't believe it! I also took a few with her cute mommy. So fun!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

so much sass!

Have you ever seen so much sass in a two year old? And yes she does all of her own posing. I love it! Lucky for me, she loves getting her picture taken! I finally took my kids out for a formal shoot a week ago or so. We'll see if I ever can get around to editing the rest of them! I wanted some new pictures for my newly redecorated kitchen and just to have before my baby gets here!

Friday, June 25, 2010

New for me...and I loved it!

I think I will have to add a new label with this session! I have never photographed a family with just teenagers! Wow, they hold still and look at the camera! I loved taking pictures of this mom and her three kids. I asked them if they were a close family...if they felt comfortable hugging for a picture and before I could blink they gave me the first photograph below. Yep, you can tell they like each other, which makes it even that much better! Thanks, Carmen, for asking me to do this shoot for you!

We tried to get some senior pictures of Aimee back in May, but the weather never cooperated. Better late than never!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kella & Co.

I just love this family! Russ teaches seminary with Andrew so we've all gotten to be friends. Even Mylie and Kella are little buds. Kella is such a cutie. She looks like a perfect little porcelain doll! And Sonya is due almost exactly the same time as me so pretty soon Kella will be a big sister!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brysen in Brianhead

Last week I went to a Brianhead on a girl trip with my mom, sister, sister-in-law, and met up with my girl cousins, aunts, and Grandma. We stayed in the most beautiful cabins and it was heavenly! For me, it was no kids (besides the babe in the belly) and no responsibility for almost 4 days straight! We had our fill of chick flicks, kicking our feet up, reading books and magazines, and lauging and visiting...oh and I almost forgot, eating TONS of junk food. All of my cousins had little ones though, so it was fun to hold them and hand them back! I only had to worry about feeding myself, taking myself potty, putting myself to bed, cleaning my own face, etc. I love my great hubby, Russ, who stayed home with the kids and was Mr. Mom. He is awesome! He even got compliments on Mylie's hair at church on Sunday.

Anyhow, since my cousin Ashlyn lives in Vegas, she snagged my while we were up there for a photo shoot. When we were driving up the mountain the day we arrived, I was so excited because of all of the beautiful scenery, etc. Her husband would be up on Saturday so we decided to do it that day...and you know what happened SNOW! Freezing, dark, weather. No natural light coming through the windows (which is what I have always used indoors). But of course we couldn't reschedule! So for my first time ever, I had to use a flash on my shoot...and I am no pro at that...but I think considering, they turned out OK...they just look a little different.

Brysen is such a cutie. I think he was about 11 weeks old. He was not liking the family shots, but as soon as he was on his own, he started cooing (oh so cute) and kicking. It was also great having all of my "assistants" (mom, sister, etc.) to help out since we all were just hanging around!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy, Ashlyn...even if they aren't the best because of our crazy lack of light and lack of good weather!

If you look close at these family shots, you can see the snow falling in the background. Yeah, we didn't make it off the deck. Baby was FREEZING! Cute, wintry pictures in JUNE!

Have you ever tried to hold an 11-week old kicking baby's feet still in your hands shaped like a heart? Way to go Kyle...I still wish I had taken a picture of your concentrated face while trying to master the task!
These are the two that were the least blurry!